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The Connected Life

Nov 8, 2021

(Updated Audio)

Social media has woven itself into humanity in a way, that since its inception, an entire generation can now say they have never known a life without it. This medium of human interaction has changed the way we relate to ourselves and the people around us, for better and for worse. In a world that seems to live in a virtually curated space the question of our existence, if we aren’t plugged into the system, haunts many of us.

In this episode Abi and Justin get the honor of chatting with Stephanie, a Gen Z/Millennial baby raised in a world of tech and social media. Awakened to the prison she’d been born into, Stephanie bravely looked inward for answers to why she felt trapped and what she could possibly be missing in the life that existed right in front of her. This tale of self-discovery epitomizes what it is to connect to your heart and the beauty that comes from learning how to be present.

Stephanie’s decision to disconnect and completely delete her social media life will be shocking and unbelievable to some, while liberating and hope inducing for others.

If you’re wanting to truly create a connected life, this inspiring story of disconnecting might be the first step necessary to experience the life you’ve always dreamed of. You won’t want to miss this episode!