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The Connected Life

Oct 18, 2021

The human soul has basic necessities. When we’ve been starved long enough of the things we need an inner war ensues as we ravenously gorge to feed the aching hunger within. Only through the nourishment of nurturing love and care can we find the balanced healing we need.

In this episode, Justin is joined by fellow Life Consultant Rachel Hughes. Rachel shares about the physical hunger she experienced through a neglectful childhood that led to an eating disorder. She details her journey of leaving Thailand at 16 and moving to America on her own. She shares how the pain of her childhood, and her disorder, found a way to resolve themselves through intense marriage difficulties and the death of a loved one.

If you’ve ever had problems that felt bigger than you, or operated out of coping mechanisms that didn’t best represent you well, Rachel’s story will remind you that you’re not alone and there’s hope no matter what you’ve been through.