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The Connected Life

Sep 7, 2020

True power has a source. In our humanity, disconnected from this source, we are limited to a dimly lit life. We struggle to get by, mostly just surviving. We live normal and uninspired lives hoping for enough material comfort to ease the torment of our pain and sufferings. We eke by in an unspoken, undiagnosed, and undefined hell, keeping us trapped and limited from a life fully lived.

But what if there was more? In this special episode Justin sits down alone and takes a look at his life through an eternal perspective. He shares his inspired, impromptu thoughts about unique aspects of his spiritual journey and dives into the intimate expressions of his faith while exploring the grander experiences of the miraculous that has defined his adulthood.

The Connected Life is about to go places it’s never gone before, so if you’re ready for a wild ride, buckle up, because this is going to be one for sure!