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The Connected Life

Oct 21, 2019

All of humanity have what we call core needs that must to be met. Nurture is one of those needs and one that initially, and primarily, gets met by our mothers. But what if you had a mother that was critical, emotionally unavailable, or depressed? Or maybe, just a mom who was fundamentally good, but didn’t have all the tools to give you what you needed as a child?

When core needs are left unmet we can find ourselves coping through overeating, drinking, shopping, sex addictions, working, or “using” other people in an attempt to get the comfort we missed as a child. Often times, the repercussions can leave us feeling powerless, broken, and much like a lost cause. But what if we can do something to heal ourselves?

Join Justin and Abi as they highlight ways to recognize a nurture related deficit and give solutions on how to reconcile this problem in healthy ways. This next segment of The Mother Series will help to create practical steps to healing both the past and present!

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