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The Connected Life

Nov 20, 2023

When it comes to success and self-help books, gratitude is often identified as a foundational key to the achievements and wellbeing of any individual. It’s often suggested that gratitude plays a crucial role in the experience of happiness and joy a person has. But what if having gratitude  transcends just having a good life and is vital to an eternal experience?

In this Thanksgiving episode Justin sits down with Jonny Duffield to discuss gratitude from a unique angle. After much research and contemplation, Justin shares his eternal take on life, leaving Jonny to rethink many aspects of his perspective. Together they explore the necessity of building gratitude like a muscle, our addiction to misery, and the reasons we’re here on earth. Lastly they tackle the subject of pain, the gifts that are waiting to be extracted out of every circumstance, no matter how messy it may be, and the ways gratitude can redeem even the worst situations.

If you’re ready to be challenged, and wanting to make drastic shifts to the way you experience life, this episode is an invitation, packed with life altering perspective, to start seeing the world through a fresh and liberating lens. Don’t miss a second of it!

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