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The Connected Life

Nov 6, 2023

We’ve all had friendships where we’ve hurt others and they’ve hurt us. This is an inescapable part of humanity. When our messiness collides friendships can break us in a way that causes us to want to shut down and shut off towards connection. But what if there was love in friendships that could make us and restore the places that seemed permanently broken?

In this episode Abi and Justin sit down with Desiree and Karen, two friends that found each other in Life Consulting MasterClass. Des and Karen discuss the necessary risks involved in building a new friendship, the beauty of not having to fix each other, and the power of having a strong sense of self. They also explore the impact of being in a safe environment and how the tools they’ve developed have been foundational to being completely honest. Together they share how their friendship has been vital to repairing and redeeming their past experiences.

If you’ve ever needed hope for friendships, this episode will give you insight into what a friendship could be and perspective on ways that connection can heal you. This inspiring episode is a must!

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