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The Connected Life

Nov 16, 2020

Life is full of obstacles, and some of them can feel daunting and impossible to overcome. It’s easy to feel powerless to the pursuits set before us. But, even the most outlandish goals can be tackled one step at a time.

In this episode, Justin and Abi are joined by their good friend Bryant Ellis, Co-owner of The Adventure Challenge. Bryant shares about the can-do attitude that he developed in his youth and how this empowered approach led to the outcome of a multimillion dollar company. He addresses how prematurely giving up is sign of victimhood standing in the way of your destiny.

Together they highlight how the answers you need aren’t available until you’re willing to become powerful and ask the relevant questions to the problems set before you.

If you’re ready to shatter the glass ceiling limiting your life, this episode is a must!