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The Connected Life

Nov 9, 2020

For many people, hopes and dreams can feel more like a fantasy than a reality. Often times, the things we long to do and experience can feel lofty and unrealistic. If we do pursue goals that have significance to us, it’s easy to get defeated when they don’t look the way we want them to in the time we want them.

In this episode Justin sits down with his good friend Topher, the DJ known as King Arthur. Topher shares about the dreams that became a reality, only to have them fall flat. He explores what life had to offer on the other side of being signed to one of the biggest record labels in the world as he accepted this new trajectory and all the gifts it had to offer.

With persistence, perseverance, and hope, Topher is making the most out of the one life he’s been given and so can you. Get ready to be inspired as Topher challenges everyone to dream like royalty!