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The Connected Life

Jul 20, 2020

Building trust in a relationship can take years and requires immense vulnerability. When we’ve given our hearts to another human, the cost of betrayal can be so high that few truly bounce back from it. Often times people put a lot of effort trying to clean up the pieces of something that didn’t have to be broken in the first place.

In this episode Justin and Abi discuss ways to create an anti-affair plan. Though we can’t control our significant others into making healthy committed decisions, we can co-create a shame-free culture that empowers honesty, health, and healing. If you’ve already played a role in creating a train wreck through betrayal, moving forward isn’t hopeless, because once we know better, we do better.

So whether you’re wanting to protect your relationship from an affair, or wanting to right the wrongs of the past moving forward, this episode is for you!

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