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The Connected Life

Apr 13, 2020

This week we’re having an unscheduled interruption. Since the world is already topsy-turvy why not? Not to fret though, next week you’ll get part two of our two-part episode, Shattering the Secrets that Shame Us.

Hope is one of the most valuable commodities necessary to find life in the midst of watching everything crumble to pieces. We are at a moment in history where we need a fresh reminder of how things can come together after falling apart.

In this episode Justin and Abi sit down with special guest Dallas Jenkins. Dallas shares how, after having lofty dreams that needed  a miracle to make them happen, he watched the miracle unfold before his very eyes, only to watch it all shatter in the end.

Dallas dives into his inspiring story of filmmaking and the breaking process he went through before the fiery storm of success that has seemingly come out of nowhere with the launch of his latest creative endeavor, The Chosen tv series.

At a time in history when the world is in desperate need of hope both Dallas’ story and The Chosen are just what the doctor ordered!

After getting inspired by the episode don’t forget to go download The Chosen app on your smart device and check out for yourself what 100’s of thousands of people are all raving about!