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The Connected Life

Mar 4, 2024

In 2011 Brene Brown launched a cultural shifting TED Talk called The Power of Vulnerability. Now, with over 20 million views, her clinical research has validated what an entire emotional health industry had been spending years trying to help the world understand, that vulnerability is a vital key to connection and happiness. The question is, if it’s so vital, how do we practically express vulnerability? 

In this episode Abi and Justin share about misperceptions of what people believe is vulnerability, while shining a light on practical ways to live vulnerably and build deeper connections. They open up about the fears they’ve had to face in order to live vulnerably while highlighting the incredible ways vulnerability has changed their lives.  Lastly, they discuss the powerful role that boundaries play in creating a balanced life of vulnerability and how anyone can grow this impactful emotional muscle.

Whether you’re new to this concept, or a seasoned vet, this episode has thought-provoking ideas that are an invitation to create a life full of hope, healing, and goodness! Don’t miss out.


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