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The Connected Life

Jan 29, 2024

We’ve all found ourselves feeling an ache and an anger when we see and hear stories of injustice and violation perpetuated by people in authority, especially when we admire them. There are countless stories of abuse of power throughout all of our human institutions. This messiness can leave us feeling disillusioned and cause us to live reactive. But, what if we could foster a responsive lifestyle that creates healing, while addressing a course correction?

In this episode Justin and Abi take a look at a recent clergy abuse scandal that left many feeling rocked to the core. Justin shares how this scandal has shined a fresh spotlight on the abuse he suffered and buried years ago. He discusses his response to seeking justice while addressing the check engine lights that could help avert these kind of disasters in every system. Together they examine the effects of power differentials in any institution, what unconventional justice can look like, and how healthy expressions of having a voice can bring repair to our suffering.

If you’ve been impacted by the moral failings of others or participated in a moral failure that hurt others, this episode will be a fresh and empowering conversation that has the power to begin to restore hope in humanity.


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As promised: Here’s the link to that video referenced in the episode: