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The Connected Life

Jan 22, 2024

We all have histories laced with difficulties that leave an impact on us. Often times the people that play a role in perpetuating pain are the ones that matter most to us. In our formative years these experiences have a tendency to leave an imprint that lasts a lifetime. It’s reasonable to want to pass judgment on those people and events, while swearing to never be or do them, but in doing so we often find ourselves replicating a cycle we’re not so proud of. But what if letting go of our judgements and accepting we’re equally messy is a vital step to healing and repair?

In this episode Justin is joined by friend and fellow Life Consultant Rachel Hughes. Rachel shares about the repercussions of growing up in home with a bi-polar parent. She discusses her mental breakdown in her youth, the vows she’s made to never be like her parent, the ways she mirrored her childhood in her marriage, and the road paved with humility, forgiveness, and compassion that was necessary to find resolve within herself.

In a world filled with trauma, tragedy, and messiness, this episode holds keys to restoring dignity and innocence to our humanity and to those around us. If you’re wanting love to triumph in the midst of darkness, this episode is just what you’re looking for!


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