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The Connected Life

Jan 8, 2024

Experiencing connection or conflict in most relationships usually comes down to one foundational issue, communication. Communication is at the epicenter of all human relationships, making it one of the most vital topics necessary to understand if we hope to be successful in our exchanges with one another. Unfortunately, most of us rarely consider the ways our communication style is affecting us getting the results we so desperately desires. But what if there were a few simple tweaks to the way we communicate that could dramatically altar the experiences we were having while getting us what we so deeply desired way more often?

In this episode Justin and Abi dive into one the greatest communication hacks they’ve ever experienced. They discuss the ways their communication style has been disastrous, how their words have been detrimental towards one another, and practical steps they’ve taken to change the way they share and show up with each other. Lastly they give tips on how to implement this phenomenal communication hack into your own life so you can start building bridges, instead of burning them to the ground.

If you’re wanting to have successful conversations that lead to deeper connections where you feel heard and understood, while better hearing and understanding others, this episode is a GAME CHANGER!


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