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The Connected Life

Jan 1, 2024

It’s easy for many of us to find ourselves surviving seasons of life. As we pass through difficulties we can often find ourselves looking toward what the future brings without taking time to examine what was. But what if a healthy reflection of what we’ve been through is vital to framing the way we approach our future?

In this episode Justin and Abi review their last season of life. They discuss how eliminating black and white thinking helps them to extract the beauty out of their circumstances, while creating room to properly grieve the difficulties. They share how judgements they’ve held towards their experiences have hindered the way they encounter love, while also examining the ways embracing their difficulties has been a gift that has grown them in the best of ways. Lastly, they share how healthy reflection can create an empowering narrative that forms the grit and resilience necessary to step into some of their deepest desires and dreams.

If you’re wanting to develop a hopeful lifestyle that will create sustainable peace regardless of the situations you face, this episode is monumental in doing so!


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