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The Connected Life

Jul 31, 2023

Fostering an environment of love and connection within a community isn't easy. Creating a culture of authentic and powerful people requires a commitment to humility that can leave room for misunderstandings, judgments, and loss, leaving us wondering if it’s even worth it. But what happens when emotional healing paves the way for miraculous experiences that change the course of our lives forever?

In one of the most inspiring episodes to date, Tiffany Matthews, co-senior leader of The Gate Church, joins the conversation to share the story of her emotional health revival and the impact it had on her community as a spiritual leader. She opens up about the difficulties of finding her voice in her marriage and as a leader, the pains of stewarding an evolving culture, and how emotional health is a foundational spiritual practice that sets the stage for literal miracles that create compounding healing and freedom.

If you’re wanting to hear a story that shatters the boxes of mundane living, this episode is an invitation to a miraculous lifestyle that blows the ceiling off what you thought was possible. You definitely won’t want to miss this conversation!

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