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The Connected Life

Jul 24, 2023

What if our resistance to the inevitable was a root of unnecessary suffering and trauma? Often life has a way of delivering us circumstances that are different than we imagined. It’s easy to attempt to resist the reality in front of us in hopes of things changing, but they rarely do. Finding our power in all situations is possible and highly likely if we're willing to make simple adjustments to our approach.  

In this episode Jonny and Pietze join the conversation once again to discuss the ways our circumstances are working for us if we’re willing to embrace the truth of what is. They talk about the process of learning to make peace with and participate powerfully in situations that aren’t ideal. They examine how a denial of reality perpetuates problems, creates chaos, and limits resolution, while acknowledging reality creates a sense of safety in our bodies and clarity in our minds.

If you’re wanting more peace, hope, and joy as you navigate and overcome the obstacles in your life, this episode is just what you need to make that a reality!

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