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The Connected Life

Jul 17, 2023

Many of us are unknowingly living in resistance to the healing process, and for good reason. Awakening to the reality of our lives feels uncomfortable and scary. Often times we fear experiences and feelings that we hope to avoid. But what if the things we’re scared of having to face are already happening and denial is simply keeping us from getting out of the hell we’re already living in?

In this episode Jonny and Pietze join Justin and Abi to discuss the price we have to pay in order to experience an abundant life. They explore the necessity of vulnerability in relationships and the impact love has on healing. They talk about the power of humble ownership and fostering a culture where it’s safe and normal to be imperfect. They redefine success in the healing journey while dismantling the myth that perfection is the end goal. Together they share how the power of forgiveness is revealed in the acknowledgment of our messiness. As we accept that perfect people don’t need a perfect God, but imperfect people do, radical love restores us to the truth of who we were always created to be.

If you’re wanting to gain hope, clarity, and confidence as you’re working through the craziness of life, this episode is just what you need to lower the stakes and get equipped to keep moving forward!

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