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The Connected Life

Jul 10, 2023

For most of us, managing our emotions is often the most difficult thing we face in life. We all have tendencies to react in ways that don’t represent our intentions, or our heart towards others. For parents, attempting to guide children through their emotions is especially difficult. But what if there was a way to navigate our feelings well and model behavior that could change the trajectory of a child’s emotional wellbeing?

In part 4 of this series Jonny and Pietze return to help foster an understanding of how to develop a deep self-awareness and create clarity on emotional escalation. They lay a practical foundation to help parents and children identify their emotions, while discussing how to get a healthy release from overwhelming feelings. They discuss ways to create safety within ourselves that will help cultivate safety for others. 

If you want to create a thriving environment where you better understand yourself, and can communicate your emotions more clearly, this episode will equip young and old alike with practical and empowering steps to do so!

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