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The Connected Life

Jul 3, 2023

Anxiety is a universal human experience. Most of us are unequipped to know how to navigate and overcome it. Many of us learn at a young age how to dissociate, stuff the fear, and numb out. The long term affects are disconnection, panic attacks, and destructive coping mechanisms. But, what if families could get equipped with tools to move through anxiety and establish a culture of regulation and peace?

In part 3 of this series Jonny and Pietze return to share about their process of tackling anxiety in their home. They look at the affects of their own emotions on their children, the ways they foster safety, and how they found their power as a parent in overwhelming circumstances. They discuss how they’ve compassionately responded to their kids anxiety, while helping them to develop resilience and fortitude to move through difficulties. Together they graciously examine the hurdles we all face as we learn to move through anxiety in the midst of our messiness.

If you’ve ever battled with anxiety you’re not alone. This episode will help you to connect with compassion for yourself, your childhood, and others, while highlighting ways to engage the world moving forward.

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