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The Connected Life

Jun 26, 2023

With the overwhelming demands of life, most parents can barely survive their own emotions, let alone navigate their children’s ups and downs. It’s natural to want to train a child to be compliant, but what if the long-term results were emotionally stunted adults who are incapable of processing through emotions? What if there was an approach that could build trust and partnership, while creating lasting success for years to come?

In part 2 of this series Jonny and Pietze invite us to join their Disneyland trip from hell, where everything that could go wrong did, but it didn’t cripple the families connection. They share about their failed attempts to manage their emotions, while navigating the kids’ unavoidable meltdowns. They explore the difference between compliance and resilience and how to move through an emotion rather than staying stuck in it. They discuss how resistance to accept the reality of a circumstance only intensifies problems. They give practical examples of taking ownership for their mistakes and how modeling this impacts the family. Lastly, they shine light on how your worst moments can become the greatest keys to developing safety and connection for everyone!

If you’re wanting to become a healthy and empowered person that can create a loving and safe environment for your friends and family, this series will give you practical examples and tools necessary to get the process rolling!

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