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The Connected Life

Jun 19, 2023

No family is without its messiness. Most homes have their cycles of intensity, silence, disconnection, and chaos. Emotions are either shut down or dominate the culture. But what if there was hope to rewire even the most difficult situations and establish healthy expressions of emotions and ways to relate?

In part 1 of this series, Pietze and Jonny join the show. They talk with Justin and Abi about their process of creating a connected family in the midst of chaotic life circumstances that were beyond their control. They discuss how practical steps can empower parents to make a lasting change in themselves and their children, without losing the house to domination or passivity. They cast vision for how regulation techniques can create healing and connection between spouses, while establishing a culture vital to the success of every family.

Through hearing what humble ownership, compassion, and loving parenting can look like, this episode is an invitation to a healing experience for every listener.

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