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The Connected Life

Jun 12, 2023

For most of us, fulfillment is something that hangs from a string, off in the distance, just out of our grasp. We wait  until the stars have aligned, and our list of expectations have been checked off, in order to be happy. Until then, we live dissatisfied and frustrated about the life right in front of us. But, what if it was possible to come alive to the goodness right now?

In this episode Pietze and Jonny join Abi and Justin to discuss the chaos that emerged from lofty life expectations. They explore the impact these expectations had on the children and the pain it perpetuated in their marriage. Jonny shares about the torment that haunted him in his perceived pursuit of greatness. Together they layout the ways they broke free from the prison of their mind and how embracing the present moment has amplified happiness and joy for their entire family.

If you’re wanting to create a fulfilled lifestyle now, this episode will shine a light on the many blindspots most of us have that keep us from all that we want. This is a MUST share episode.

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