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The Connected Life

May 29, 2023

Physical sickness and pain are universally part of every human’s life. If we live long enough, we’re bound to experience our own sufferings or the sufferings of a loved one. Oftentimes we can feel inadequate to help, or judged by those that care about our condition. Suffering is difficult for everyone involved, but what if there is plenty of grace for ourselves and others in the midst of all the messiness? 

In this episode Abi and Justin are joined by their close friend and Psychologist, Ruth Outram. Abi continues her process of opening up about her chronic health issues, the ways she’s abandoned herself in the name of faith, and how she’s spent a lifetime of attempting to be unaffected by the experiences and judgments she’s faced along the way. Ruth shares about her participation as a psychologist and the ways we all feel inadequate and affected by the sufferings of those we care about. Together they discuss the gracious ways we can all create a space of love and understanding, free from blame and offense, in the midst of seemingly powerless circumstances.

If you’ve ever had to hold space for someone that’s suffering, or been the one suffering, this episode will help you find compassion and understanding for yourself and everyone involved!