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The Connected Life

May 15, 2023

Rarely do we understand the far reaching affects of our spiritual beliefs on our psychological wellbeing. Under close examination, participating in any faith institution can have beautiful and messy repercussions in our lives. Understanding what we believe about the Source that created us is necessary to managing and healing our emotional state. 

In this episode Rachel Hughes, a good friend and fellow Life Consultant, joins Abi and Justin. Abi shares about the affects her spiritual beliefs have had on her journey to physical healing and the impact that’s had on her mental health. Rachel opens up about the influence her own beliefs had on the loss of her mother-in-law. Together they dialogue about deconstructing the religious beliefs that hurt them, the hardships that have shaken the pillars of their faith, the hope they’ve found through redefining their view of God, and how pain can eclipse our view of a loving and involved Creator. 

If you’ve ever wondered how your beliefs about God affect your life, this episode will help you better understand yourself and have compassion on your story.