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The Connected Life

Mar 5, 2023

It’s easy to view the world at large as a place filled with monstrous villains out to cause us harm. However, woven into the fabric of each of our beings is the nature of love, regardless of how broken we seem. From the moment we exit the womb we find ourselves yearning for a direct connection to the comfort and safety of a loving and nurturing experience. Through the years we all find ourselves acting in ways that contradict this nature of love. But is this contradiction who we really are?

In this episode Justin is joined by his dear friend and fellow Life Consultant Rachel Hughes. Rachel vulnerably opens up about the anxiety she’s feeling in the conversation and humbly allows Justin to get curious about her experience. She shares about the profound impacts her awareness of love has had on her healing. Together they dive into the ways loving experiences not only impact us, but how they have the potential to reveal the truth of who we are. 

If you’re needing a gentle reminder that the sum total of your messiness isn’t the truth of who you are, this episode will leave you feeling a sense of compassion for your story and hope for what’s truly inside of you.