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The Connected Life

Feb 20, 2023

Disorders like ADHD are prevalent all around us and often go undiagnosed. These disorders not only affect those that have them, but the people around them as well. If left undiagnosed, these kinds of disorders can be crippling and create devastating affects on relationships. Getting clarity on these disorders can be a massive game changer for spouses, parents, children, friends, and bosses!

In this episode Abi is joined by her good friend Jenna, a Health, Life, and Habit Coach, to talk about their battle with ADHD and its impact on their lives. Together they share their stories of being diagnosed, how it affects people’s day to day tasks, relationships, and sex lives, and the life-hacks they’ve created that have made them successful regardless of the disorder. 

With so many people affected by ADHD, chances are this will create unexpected ah-ha’s and give validation to those that have struggled for years living in the dark about something they didn’t even know was impacting their well being. You won’t want to miss this episode!