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The Connected Life

Feb 13, 2023

Sadly, there are many people that have childhood stories littered with cruel experiences. Those that are entrusted to care for the most innocent sometimes have ways of neglecting their duty to the point of deliberate and outright abuse. For the children suffering in these conditions it can often feel hopeless and impossible to bounce back from. But what if there are answers of radical love and care waiting to redeem and repair even the most broken situations? 

In this deeply vulnerable episode Justin sits down with Annika, a Connected Life listener, who shares about her abusive childhood, her time in the foster care system, and the radical love that has played a pivotal role in her repair. Together they tackle the simple, yet plentiful and powerful ways others can participate in a system with almost a half million children each year. 

This messy, yet miraculous story will remind you that no circumstance is too broken that a redemptive genius of a God can’t touch it with the help of a few humble and loving hearts.