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The Connected Life

Feb 6, 2023

The idea of making changes to our lives can easily paralyze even the best of us. Getting traction and creating momentum can especially feel overwhelming and confusing if we don’t know where to start. The steps to change can seem cluttered with enormous hurdles too big to tackle. But what if the smallest of changes could impact our entire lives?

In this episode Abi is joined by her good friend, Jenna a Health, Life, and Habit Coach. Jenna shares about the power of celebrating small wins, how finding the little things that have a high impact were a game changer for her, and the brain science of how to change your life. Together they explore how transforming your beliefs that are keeping you stuck is vital to living an abundant life.  

If you’re feeling busy or overwhelmed and want to feel like you’re in the driver seat of your life, this practical, yet insightful episode is just what you’re looking for!