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The Connected Life

Jan 16, 2023

Every human has a story of tragedy. Whether it’s the death of a parent, the loss of a best friend, or a divorce that left them devastated, the examples are endless. Though not ideal, these tragedies are unavoidable. Rather than trying to escape them, what if we learned how to face them head on?

In part one of this two part episode, Justin is joined by his good friend Jason. In Jason’s return to the podcast he shares candidly about how the phrase “I never loved you.” began the unraveling of his marriage. Jason opens up about being a single father of three and his attempts to find a life after divorce. He breaks down his process for facing his pain and the role forgiveness and justice played in all of it. 

Whether you’ve been through a tragedy in the past, you’re going through it right now, or you’re simply fearful of what could come, this episode is for you. This episode will remind you that there are solutions to the pain you’ve been through, you’re not alone, and that you’re powerful beyond measure to face whatever might happen.