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The Connected Life

Jan 9, 2023

It’s easy to believe that luck or hard work is the reason behind desires becoming a reality. However, the truth is much more complex and nuanced. In the pursuit of wanting something that is meaningful, many of us can find ourselves feeling powerless, exhausted, overwhelmed, and hopeless. Sometimes all we need to keep going is direction on how to continue and inspiring stories from others that have seen fulfillment.

In this episode Abi and Justin take a deeper look into the practical journey of creating vision for their lives. They discuss both the amazing fulfillments and the arduous process of surrendering the need to experience specific outcomes in order to be happy. They share stories that will leave you in awe of the goodness and grace that life has to offer, while helping you to adjust your expectations of how everything has to look.

If you’re wanting to build momentum towards a life of endless possibilities, this episode will help awaken the dreamer within, or fuel the dreamer already running. Don’t miss out!

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