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The Connected Life

Sep 26, 2022

The journey of aging extends an invitation to learn and grow from our victories, losses, sufferings, and celebrations. Not everyone surrenders to the process, but to those who stop resisting, gold nuggets collected from each season of life become a store house of riches ready to help you create a life fully lived.  

In this monumental episode Abi sits down with Justin as he crosses the major age benchmark of forty years old. On this monumental birthday week Abi investigates what the first half of Justin’s life has taught him and explores what the years moving forward might have in store. Justin reflects on what he would have done differently and talks about his fresh approach to the second half of his life. 

If you want to take deliberate steps in how you choose to live your brief experience here on earth, stop letting life just pass you by and fire up this episode! You won’t be disappointed.