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The Connected Life

Jul 25, 2022

Life can have a way of of bogging us down and leaving us feeling like the best of who we are is buried in the past. Through the messiness we experience, pain and loss have a way of causing us to forget the innocence, joy, and limitless perspective we once held in our youth. But what if there was a map that could not only restore us to our most authentic self, but it could show us a way to becoming who we were designed to be?

In part one of this two part episode Pietze and Jonny, Abi’s life-long bestie and her husband, join the conversation. Jonny shares his life changing epiphany about how he had lost the best parts of himself in the past. Through healthy introspection Jonny breaks down how this moment of enlightenment catapulted himself and his marriage into a new trajectory. In part 2 of this two part series you’ll hear how Jonny’s journey not only led to a more authentic expression of who he is, but how this altered their sex life in the best ways possible.

If you’re looking to get inspired about what life and relationships could really be like, this episode is for you!

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