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The Connected Life

Jul 4, 2022

Confrontation with people we deeply care about can feel high stakes to say the least. In our anxiety it’s easy to unintentionally communicate in ways that suck the sense of love right out the room. But what if the love we have for others can be felt and leave a lasting impact in the midst of incredibly honest conversations?

In part two of this mini series Abi and Pietze continue the conversation with Pietze’s parents, Doug and Janice. Together they talk about the powerful affects of creating an atmosphere of love free from blame and accusation. They share how acknowledging their triggers, and taking ownership for their own emotions turned the tide in how they relate. Through vulnerability they paint a picture of how they love one another and what their relationship looks like moving forward.

If you’re wanting hope for deeper connections and strength to live a lifestyle of honesty, this episode will leave you inspired to take brave leaps like never before!

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