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The Connected Life

Apr 11, 2022

Loving others can be difficult, especially the ones that can’t help but make a mess so bad they hurt everyone in their path. Getting past the anguish they inflict can sometimes feel impossible. But what if behind all the years of chaos and destruction was an innocent child desperate for kindness, compassion, and care?

In December of 2021 The Connected Life hosted a giveaway of $1,000 to someone who had a great idea of how to give that money away. A generous Connected Life listener matched that donation and not one, but two people got a chance to love someone extravagantly.

In this episode Abi and Justin sit down with one of the winners Kaira, and she shares the inspiring idea that led to a month long experience for her uncle Rick. Though Rick’s life is seemingly filled with reasons he doesn’t deserve such a gift, Kaira’s story paints a compassionate and moving picture of just how much the messiest people are in the most need of undeserving love.

If you’re looking to be inspired and gain hope for humanity, this episode will move you to be a better person, while giving you hope for how a simple act of love can change the world right in front of you!