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The Connected Life

Oct 25, 2021

Before we were ever adults, we were children. In the purity of our experience we’re alive with awe and wonder. Through years of pain, that lack the adequate nurturing and understanding, we find ourselves slowly slipping into a life of disconnection and numbness. But restoring that childlike awe and wonder isn’t an impossible task.

In this episode Justin is joined by fellow Life Consultant Andrew Liem. Together they unpack the idea of reconnecting to the child within. They explore what it is to nurture and attend to the parts of ourselves that are still a kid and how the attention to this impacts our ability to live an abundant and whole life.

If you want to experience genuine authenticity you won’t want to miss the raw unfolding of this episode as Justin opens up to Andrew and exposes the child within through an impromptu moment of curiosity and trust.