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The Connected Life

Sep 13, 2021

What if resolve and reconnection after years of pain, misunderstandings, and disagreements was possible? What if the relationships that matter the most, yet have been the messiest, could be restored?

In this epic finale to our five part series, Jonny and Pietze share about their powerful revelations as Jonny came to the end of himself and exposed his greatest fears. Through serendipity, Jonny explains how his time editing the video for an emotional health course radically enlightened his reality and forever changed the trajectory of his life and marriage. Ending the battle with his circumstances, while accepting them for what they were, thrust Jonny into a season of facing life head on as he began to learn how to make the best out of the cards he was dealt.

Through ownership, transparency, and trust, Pietze and Jonny found a way back to their first love, giving hope for anyone else that’s been to hell and back. Don’t miss this profound and hopeful conclusion that will leave you forever impacted!