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The Connected Life

Jul 5, 2021

It’s easy for any of us to go through some of life’s biggest storms and to feel like it’s the beginning of the end, or that there’s no way we’ll ever recover. However, every great story of adventure has seemingly insurmountable odds set before the sojourner. To the one who refuses to give up, a chest filled with unforeseen treasure awaits.

In this episode Justin sits down with long time clients Daniel and Robby to explore their business partnership and the difficulties, including an actual shipwreck, that set the tone and direction for their future. They share how embracing their story, and who they are, has created a multimillion-dollar business out of a string of misfortunes and failures. Through refusing to give up in the face of adversity, these brother in-laws have developed the grit, gratitude, and grace to be successful business leaders, husbands, friends, and fathers. 

If you want to get inspired, learn how to stay connected to the moment in front of you, and have vision for your future, part one of this two part episode is just for you.