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The Connected Life

Jan 18, 2021

In today’s society, the moral compass regarding pornography points in many directions. In a world that has become progressively sexualized, the normalization and acceptance of pornography is at an all time high. With so many varying opinions on the matter, who’s to say what is really right or wrong about pornography?

In this sobering episode, Justin and Abi are joined by their close friend and filmmaker, Benji Nolot. Benji shines a light on the real world of pornography as he shares his story of going behind the scenes and documenting firsthand the experiences of those producing and performing. He breaks down the devastating affects to those involved in the creation of it as well as the viewing of it.

This may be one of the most powerful episodes The Connected Life has ever recorded and no matter what your stance, or experience with porn, this is a must listen to and SHARE episode.

Listen now and join the revolution to help liberate an enslaved world and restore innocence to humanity.