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The Connected Life

Dec 7, 2020

Sexuality is often a subject shrouded in shame or minimized into absolute irrelevance. As a formative part of the human condition our views and expressions of sexuality have a deep impact on our relational connection to ourselves, others, and God. Because of this, open conversations about our sexuality are a vital component to creating a fulfilling, healthy life.

In this episode Abi and Justin dive into a deep conversation with their dear friend Paul Young, author of The Shack, about his childhood laced with shattered sexuality. He vulnerably shares about the long term repercussions of his painful beginnings and how the exposure of his affair as an adult led to the restoration, and redemption, of his battered soul.

Truth, love, and redemption diligently stand at the door of our hearts knocking and waiting for us to open. If you’re wanting understanding, hope, healing, or so much more around the issue of sexuality, this episode can’t be missed!

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